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2 months delay is better than 3 tho...
That's what she said. (?)

I've been very active working for the best two companies I've worked for. Monte Cook Games and HEX Entertainment.
I've been working for them for a while now (less than a year) and it's been an amazing experience. Both art directors, Bear Weiter (Monte Cook) and Tyler James (HEX) are very polite and chill people in terms of work. I mean, you still have to do your work on time and respond to them properly, but unlike other AD's they treat you with respect and make you feel like you are part of the project, not like just another "hand" (number) they contracted and it's giving them images at a low price (which they don't). And for me that's one of the most important things to work with somebody, that people treat you like a human being that's working with them, not a slave that's working for them. Plus they get to understand particular complications that you might have that won't allow you to deliver on time. And I've had some complications by moving to Colombia.

Not to excuse myself, but that's one of the reasons I haven't been uploading constantly. I've been busy every month with clients, if it's not them, then it's with independent clients. I am also currently working for 2 different indie projects, one's a fantasy TCG and the other one is creating concepts and visuals for 3D figurines in a steampunk style. I've had over these years many independent clients, but Sam Nolton and David Ramharter have to be the best two. Not only cause they pay on time and are willing to get down to contracts and give you great project briefings, but because I consider them good, honest and humble people. I've had bad experiences working with independent clients that would think that are doing you a favor by working with them, they won't pay you much (actually very little) and will art direct you to death because their egos are so high they'll think you're always doing a bad job by not reading their bright minds, thus making it a nightmare. I don't wanna make any of my past clients think that they're the case, because is very uncommon to stumble upon those, but one in particular, that got into a PayPal claim with me some months ago, is a good example of that.

Currently I'm doing what I can to work for those 4 clients only and not to accept any more work, because I'm in a kinda "comfortable" position here in Colombia where I don't need to overwork to get to the end of the month. So what I decided to do is study and do personal work. I've made one of my big objectives to work for Wizards of The Coast, in either project, Magic The Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons alike. I played Magic The Gathering when I was a little boy and then I stopped doing that since the price of the cards was a little bit away from my budget, but I've always played D&D over different years and that project alone has been my main inspiration for getting into painting and drawing fantasy stuff (special thanks to Todd Lockwood).
So, what I'm doing is working in different personal fantasy illustrations that can be the best I can create. I'm doing personal TCG illustrations that might fit MTG style, researching other artists work, specially Chris Rahn, Tyler Jacobson and Cynthia Sheppard on how they create images with amazing brush work efficiency and dramatic contrast. Understanding that the image needs to be visible and understood immediately from a very small thumbnail. I've also registered for a couple classes in CGMA, one of Environment Design 1 and the other one of Character Design for Film and Games, with none other than Marco Nelor, character designer for Mortal Kombat. Some people say that getting down to those classes at this stage (where you can practically learn from yourself) is a bit of a snobbish and overpriced way to feel productive and growing, but I've learned that getting experiences from another artist (whatever the price) is always an unique opportunity to grow as an artist and to broaden up your visual library and understanding of how to create images. In that example, for me getting into SmartSchool with Donato was an experience that changed my way to see illustration for good.

So a lot of studying and a lot of having fun with work. I hope you can excuse my lack of updates, specially since I don't like to upload sketches or WIP's anymore. I try to just upload the best work I can... the down side is that when you overwork in an image, it doesn't pass by 2 minutes when you already hate it, so you have to make another one. And so on.

Updates on future images:
- I'm still working on the remake of Chaos Demon, a TCG image I developed for the failed project of Movimiento Épico, I'm gonna try to make it as a MTG card, so I can add it to my portfolio.
- I'm also working on a very personal image called "The Rebirth of Isis", I've been working on this one for a long while, trying to be as patient and careful as I can in order to do the best job I can.
- A Thresh fanart, I remember I wanted to do an Evelynn fanart in the style of the Ashe's image I did long ago, but it somehow didn't work, so I trashed it, and now I got the energy to give another of my favorite LOL champion a chance to be part of my little rendition.
- I have many other images waiting there, but those above are the one's I have my eye on right now.

That's it. So, if some of you already work for Wizards of The Coast and can help me with some pointers or contact I'll be more than thankful to you. I've been sending some emails and messages out to some people and some of them don't answer, but some of them are, which makes me regain faith in humanity and feel super thankful.
Also! if you wanna help and check my portfolio, I'm constantly updating it: let me know any thoughts!

Till next month!
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Felipe Escobar Bravo
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:matteo: F.A.Q.:

:bulletred: Q: Do you take commissions?
:bulletblue: A: Yes. Do please send me a note or an e-mail and I'll get back to you with schedules, prices and more and we can keep talking about it. :)

:bulletred: Q: How much do you charge per "X" (x = any image required by client):
:bulletblue: A: It depends on many things. What's going to be used for, detail required, how much time do you want me to spend on the piece, etc. I take care to make a fair price so it suits you well.

:bulletred: Q: Do you work for free?
:bulletblue: A: No I don't. I have to live from what I do. So sadly I don't do any art for free anymore, because I wouldn't be able to pay any expenses.

:bulletred: Q: Can I use/post/share some of your work for free?
:bulletblue: A: Of course. As long it's non commercial work and not looking to resell it. Any work here available might be used for this purposes as long you credit me and link the work back to my DA or ArtStation website.
Big exception tho. If you are looking to use some of my work on a game project that you call "free" or non commercial is completely baned. I've been getting some notes for some "reuse" of some of my images and I'm completely against it. If you want to use them for a test is ok. But if you're releasing a beta or an actual product (whether is free or not) that a public is going to see and use I recommend you to actually save some money and hire people. Because what we need to do in our community is support jobs, not avoid them.

:bulletred: Q: Where do you get inspiration?
:bulletblue: A: Music mainly. OST's or some related epicness like Wardruna or Two Steps From Hell. Almost anything that allows me to daydream.

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